• Cool Face Shades & Cool Kids

    Cool Face Shades & Cool Kids

    Cool Face Shades & Cool Kids Sun protection doesn’t have look ‘daggy’. You can choose from trendy colours and fabric patterns to look ‘cool’. When you’re protecting yourself from the sun – it is good to be a stand out.  

  • Sensational Shrugs for all occasions

    Sensational Shrugs for all occasions

    Sensational Shrugs for all occasions No more worrying about tired triceps, blemished skin, large arms or having to wear a lymphoedema compression sleeve. Slinky shrugs are a slip-on fashion accessory that provide the perfect coverup solution. Perfect for travelling too.

  • Man Sleeves

    Man Sleeves

    Man sleeves for real men who want to look after their skin and health.

  • Sun Sleeves

    Sun Sleeves

    Be UV protected driving in the car or on the golf fairway, in the grandstand or on the tennis court, walking or socialising outdoors with the new style panel sleeves in bamboo and 90% cotton.

  • Fashion Sleeves

    Fashion Sleeves

    Fashion Sleeves Look gorgeous anywhere in Slinky fashion sleeves. Win the fashion stakes at the races, look couture elegance After 5 and travel in style without weighing down your case.

  • Summer Sun Protection

    Summer Sun Protection

    For maximum sun protection choose from the bamboo and 90% cotton UV50+ range. Other cotton blend and close weave fabrics, whilst not officially UV rated provide very valuable protection. Be armed with style this summer.


New Shrugs added to our Online Store

New Shrugs in our Online Store are In Stock¬†   New Fashion Shrugs have been uploaded to our Online Store in a varied range of colours in light jersey, mid-weight, plush velvet and fine lace fabrics. Check sizes available in each product. Due to a website update the recent additions are showing Out of Stock. […]

Black & Gold faux leather demi

Slinky Sleeves for all Seasons

Slinky Sleeves for all Seasons Slinky Sleeves are a good option for an extra bit of warmth in the mild Australian winter. ¬†For places like Perth, Sydney and further north, combined with the common use of air-conditioning in vehicles, homes and buildings, there isn’t much call for heavy coats and thick knitted sleeves. In fact, […]