SLSL leather-black w tawny elegance long-fashion-9972-2
SLSL babycham leopard-fashion-9905-2SLSL red she-devil with hat-fashion-9930-2SLSL tawny elegance-fashion-9920-2SLSL tawny elegance-fashion-9920-2SLSL tawny elegance-fashion-9920-2SLSL leather-black w tawny elegance long-fashion-9972-2SLSL leather-etched brown-long-fashion-9992-2SLSL purple rain-long-fashion-0025-2SLSL mustard suede-brown knit-long-fashion--9982-2SLSL leather-black w tawny elegance short-fashion-9981-2SLSL purple rain-short-fashion-0029-2SLSL starfish orange-short-fashion-9967

Fashion Leather Sleeves


Leather and fabric combinations are trending and Slinky Sleeves has a new range of silky soft leather sleeves with fabric inserts. Sleek Black, Mustard Chamois, Purple Rain, Starfish Orange and Etched Brush Brown.

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