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Woolly Scarves & Sleeves

Woolly Scarves & Sleeves Cooler days and chilly nights are here and its time to warm up the wardrobe with Slinky Sleeves unique and exclusive designs.There are four styles of scarves: A long straight winter weight ribbed scarf finished with an escargot embroidery, in coral, pale pink and grey, each with matching elbow length sleeves with […]

Slinky Shrugs – New Arrivals

Slinky Shrugs – New Arrivals Delicious new colours and patterns in soft jersey fabrics. Look dressy or casual, day or evening. Fittings are small. medium and large (limited stock). Wear them as a garment, on and off the shoulder or a scarf. Ideal for a light extra layer, covering upper arms, as a neck warmer in […]


Slinky Shrug new design

Slinky Shrug new design Shrug fashion accessories beautifully conceal lymphoedema compression sleeves for the 1 in 5 women who survive breast cancer but have to have their lymph nodes removed and manage the life-long condition. Shrugs are perfect travel mates – easy to slip on and off, light to carry, and take very little space in […]

UV damage – It all adds up

UV damage – It all adds up “Anywhere you go UV will damage unprotected skin. And it just keeps adding up.” This is the message from the Cancer Council in its latest Sun Smart campaign. It’s not just regular tanners or sunbakers who are at risk of skin cancer. Your skin is like a memory […]

Cotton sleeves & shade

Sun Sleeves Arm-our Protects Skin

Sun Sleeves Arm-our Protects Skin Slinky Sleeves sun sleeves include bamboo cotton and 90% cotton offering top protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Unlike sunscreen, Slinky sun protection sleeves don’t wash off. Samples officially tested by ARPANSA Laboratories in Australia are rated UV 50+. The design, colours and fitting offer style and comfort suitable for driving, […]

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Cotton Bamboo Sun Sleeves UV protectors

Cotton Bamboo Sun Sleeves UV protectors Bamboo is a plentiful, renewable natural product with many remarkable characteristics. It is soft, comfortable, protective and hygienic with natural UV protection for both UVA and UVB rays. Slinky Sleeves’ range of 90% cotton and Bamboo cotton plain and dyed fabrics therefore already meet many of the Australian Standards […]

Fingerless faux leather all occasions Black driving sleeves & shade

Sun Shades a Face Saver

Sun Shades a Face Saver Have you had to have skin cancers burned off around the hairline and jaw? It isn’t only arms and tops of hands that suffer from the sun’s damaging rays when driving, your face does too. Even with tinted windows, the sun penetrates to cause skin damage that could become a serious […]