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Are you sun protected ready for summer?

Are you sun protected ready for summer? In spite of the constant warnings about the damaging rays of the sun, it is a minority few who Slip on a shirt, Slop on the sunscreen and Slap on the hat.. Mysteriously, many people think skin cancer and possibly melanoma won’t happen to them.  They are complacent […]


2018 Skin Cancer Action Week coming up

2018 Skin Cancer Action Week coming up National Skin Cancer Action Week is coming up from 18-24 November. It  is a timely reminder that we need to get ready to prevent sun damage this summer. You can order your products online http://slinky or for Perth residents Slinky Sleeves is having a Pop Up Shop with […]

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Sun Sleeves help Lupus sufferers

Sun Sleeves help Lupus sufferers October is Lupus Awareness Month Lupus is a little understood disease. It is a chronic, complex autoimmune disease that affects more than 20 000 Australians. More than 90 percent of sufferers are women, mostly between the ages of 15 and 45. Sufferers are photosensitive to the sun and need to […]

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Slinky Sleeves happy customers

Slinky Sleeves happy customers One of the problems for people ordering online is working out the right size for them, so we contact purchasers for more size details to ensure we send them the best fit available. This is much appreciated and we receive good feedback for this service, like Tara in NSW. Hello again Christine […]


New Shrugs added to our Online Store

New Shrugs in our Online Store are In Stock    New Fashion Shrugs have been uploaded to our Online Store in a varied range of colours in light jersey, mid-weight, plush velvet and fine lace fabrics. Check sizes available in each product.  Most shrugs are in stretch fabrics and non-crush. As a guide to choosing […]

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Slinky Sleeves for all Seasons

Slinky Sleeves for all Seasons Slinky Sleeves are a good option for an extra bit of warmth in the mild Australian winter.  For places like Perth, Sydney and further north, combined with the common use of air-conditioning in vehicles, homes and buildings, there isn’t much call for heavy coats and thick knitted sleeves. In fact, […]

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