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Sun sleeves fashion accessory at race track

Sun sleeves fashion accessory at race track  Spot the difference between Australia’s popular model Jen Hawkins and Slinky Sleeves star model Katie.  Both look fabulous, but Jen is only wearing one sleeve – a good start – while Katie is wearing Slinky sun sleeves protecting both arms. Fascinators and sleeveless dresses look stunning when cheering trackside as […]

Driving sleeves are essential sun protection for all

Driving sleeves are essential sun protection for all From society A-listers to truck drivers, we all need to protect our arms when driving. Tinted windows help, but aren’t the solution to blocking the sun’s concentrated rays, especially when driving long distances for work or on holiday. There are two types of sun damage. UVB rays […]

Sinky Skinks

Sun sleeves for cool dudes

Funky Slinky Skinks sun sleeves a ‘cool’ way to protect boys’ arms from sun damage Boys think they’re ‘cool dudes’ made of teflon, but they can develop skin and melanoma cancers too.  It’s never too early to start protecting them from sun damage so our Slinky Kids sun sleeves range includes the boys own funky […]

Fresh Mint long_0014 Black cotton sun sleeves

Sun Sleeves by Slinky

Sun Sleeves offer valuable protection from the sun’s damaging rays As recommended by the Cancer Council Australia – Our close weave sun sleeves fabrics not only come in a wide range of fashionable, popular seasonal colours, they also offer valuable protection from the sun’s damaging rays. You can look good and look after your skin. Our wide range of […]

Mocha Knitted Shrug

Slinky Shrugs the new cover story

Slinky Shrugs the new cover story The Slinky Shrug, a fashion all-in-one sleeves accessory, adds a stunning new dimension to an outfit, conceals blemished or ageing arms, provides valuable sun protection or keeps you warm when needed. The fabrics and knitted wools are ideal for all occasions and seasons. Perfect travel mates, they are easy […]

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Slinky Pop Up Shop

The first Slinky Pop Up Shop was held with the Stein Collection of jewellery and paintings recently at Taste Budd’s Cooking Studio. Everyone enjoyed the coffee and shopping in comfort. Fabulous photographer Helen from Laughing Feather took some great shots of the latest shrugs for the online shop. https://www.facebook.com/slinkysleeves?ref=hl

slinky-launch Fashionable Sun Sleeves

Health & Fashion Sleeves

Slinky Sleeves caters for women of all ages, boys and girls, with men’s sleeves currently in design process. We created the business to provide a practical solution to helping prevent sun damage to arms and hands and look stylish. We choose fashion colours and prints so they can be worn out socially, not just as […]