Driving sleeves are essential sun protection for all

Driving sleeves are essential sun protection for all

From society A-listers to truck drivers, we all need to protect our arms when driving. Tinted windows help, but aren’t the solution to blocking the sun’s concentrated rays, especially when driving long distances for work or on holiday. There are two types of sun damage.

UVB rays burn the surface layers, causing skin damage that can become a serious health problem. UVA rays penetrate deeper, degrading collagen that plumps up the skin, causing ageing and wrinkles.

Slinky sun sleeves’ key point of difference to other sleeves is the extended shaping over the top of the hand which anchors via a loop around the middle finger.  Protection of this sensitive area is a huge benefit of the design.

Easy to wear, the sleeves also shape around the palm freeing hands to control the steering wheel, use a mobile phone, and showcasing rings and jewellery.Look sizzling without frying in the sun.

As recommended by the Cancer Council Australia, our close weave sun sleeves fabrics offer valuable protection and come in a wide range of fashionable, popular seasonal colours.

You can look good and look after your skin. Our wide range of fabrics aim to suit all types of occasions and contemporary fashion, so that many more thousands each year will happily protect themselves.

 “Thanks for my sleeves – I love them! I use them for driving – one for my car & the other for my husbands car. Perfect!! Thank you.”  Laureen (NSW)

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For more information on sun protection and reducing the risks, please visit the Cancer Council Website 

A fact sheet about using clothing such as our sun sleeves, as a sun protection aid can be downloaded here – The role of clothing in sun protection