Fingerless faux leather all occasions

Fingerless gloves make very Slinky Sleeves

Fingerless gloves make very Slinky Sleeves

Fingerless gloves, without the fingers but with loads of style, are here !

According to Fashion bloggers, Gloves that cover the palm and wrist — but not the fingers — are not just warm, they’re hot.

Slinky Sleeves shape around the top of the hand and palm, leaving hands and fingers free to drive safely, use mobiles and electronic devices, and able to be worn anywhere, anytime.

Anchored to the middle finger with a loop to hold sleeves in place they come in seasonal fabrics or wool and a wide range of popular seasonal colours.

From bamboo cotton to lace, satin and denim and leather looks, sleeves are available in short, elbow and long lengths, as well as small, medium and large fittings across different ranges.

Selected items have a straight or shirred finish,a plain or three-button platinum style, and fabric rosettes or button decorations.

Slinky sleeves are an all season and purpose product suitable for fashion, funky, dance and fairy costumes, goth, medieval, sun protection, blemish coverups, and keeping warm.

Slinky Sleeves doesn’t produce many of each fabric, preferring to offer variety for individual tastes and current fashion trends. They are currently only available in our online shop and won’t be seen in stores. Develop your own style and statement.

Perfect travel mates, the sleeves are easy to slip on and off, light to carry, and take very little space in the suitcase or backpack. An affordable wardrobe of Slinky Sleeves will change the look of an outfit and look after you.

View the leather look, wool, satin, velvet and jersey ranges plus much more.

Slinky Sleeves designs are Australian created and currently only available on this website. Go to Contact page for information on delivery, terms and conditions.