Sun Shades Versatile Skin Protectors


Cotton Face Shades Sun Protection

Be well protected during the hot summer months with a Slinky Shade and matching or complementary Slinky Sleeves.

Even with tinted windows the sun penetrates and its rays cause two types of damage to the arms, hands and face.

UVB rays burn the surface layers, causing skin damage that can become a serious health problem. UVA rays penetrate deeper, degrading collagen that plumps up the skin, causing ageing and wrinkles.

The Slinky Shade is easy to slip on to protect either side of the face, as driver or passenger. It doesn’t muss your hairstyle and is shaped for full road vision. Versatile out of the car, just slip over the head and tuck into the neckline to protect the chest or nape of the neck.

The cotton colour range comes in black, white, tangerine, purple, fuchsia pink, and dark aqua.  There are also funkier patterned fabrics.

As recommended by the Cancer Council Australia the cotton fabrics are close weave.

Slinky Sleeves designs are Australian created and currently only available on this website.

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