Sun sleeves for cool dudes

Funky Slinky Skinks sun sleeves a ‘cool’ way to protect boys’ arms from sun damage

Boys think they’re ‘cool dudes’ made of teflon, but they can develop skin and melanoma cancers too.  It’s never too early to start protecting them from sun damage so our Slinky Kids sun sleeves range includes the boys own funky label, Slinky SKINKS.

Skinks label

Skinks label

Inspired by the garden Skink or small lizards that lie out in the sun protected by their natural special skin, the sun sleeves in ‘cool’ fabrics are great for the beach and outdoor activities. Cut off at the wrist and finishing just above the elbow, Skinks sleeves work in with mid-sleeve tops.

You can also create your own fashion trend by adding chains, studs, badges, labels, key chains – anything – to sleeves.

Successful Cancer Council campaigns have resulted in most people not leaving home without their hat, sunglasses and sunscreen – but what about their arms – NOW you can add versatile Slinky Sleeves.

Unlike sunscreen, Slinky sun sleeves don’t wash off – View our full range of Slinky Kids – Sun Sleeves.

For more information on sun protection and reducing the risks, please visit the Cancer Council Website

A fact sheet about using clothing such as our sun sleeves, as a sun protection aid can be downloaded here – The role of clothing in sun protection

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