Fashionable Sun Sleeves

Health & Fashion Sleeves

Slinky Sleeves caters for women of all ages, boys and girls, with men’s sleeves currently in design process. We created the business to provide a practical solution to helping prevent sun damage to arms and hands and look stylish.

We choose fashion colours and prints so they can be worn out socially, not just as a driving sleeve, as it is vital to continue the protection out of the car.

Whilst the fabrics are not officially UV rated, the sun sleeve range are close weave materials, as recommended by the Cancer Council Australia website,  that provide valuable sun protection.

Since this simple beginning Slinky Sleeves have found uses as coverups for skin conditions and blemishes, ageing skin, tattoos, and lymphoedema compression sleeves, and now to protect fragile aged skin.

For this reason the fashion side of the business is equally important so that no-one has to be asked: “What’s wrong with your arm?”

Our aim is for you to have healthy, fresh-looking skin and people to comment: “You look fabulous.”