Sleeves Help Win Best Dressed Title

Sleeves Help Win Best Dressed Title

I bought a pair of Slinky Sleeves to go with a sleeveless dress I had bought for a Melbourne Cup party.

This was my first Melbourne Cup but I knew it was a rather fancy affair.  I ended up winning Best Dressed at the party and was told by the other women there that it was definitely the gloves that put me ahead of everyone else!  They added so much elegance!  Thank you so much Christine!!!

Jax Kindle @ Melb Cup Lunch

I LOVE slinky sleeves! They are so comfortable that I was able to wear them for the whole party…could eat, drink and never had to take them off!

Congratulations Jax, it is a thrill to hear stories like this. I hope lots more ladies buy sleeves for the Summer Racing Season so they can have a big WIN-WIN for fashion and looking after their skin.

Slinky Sleeves are a much safer bet than a field of horses at the tote.

These black satin sleeves also come in white and chocolate.  And, you can choose from many fine fabrics in stunning colours that will make a statement.

Slinky Sleeves started making stylish sun sleeves five years ago to provide valuable protection for arms and hands.

Our health is the most important issue and this relates to UVB rays burning the surface layers causing skin damage that can become skin cancer.

The other problem is premature ageing of the skin caused by UVA rays penetrating deeper, degrading the collagen that plumps up the skin.

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