Slinky Shrug new design

Slinky Shrug new design

Shrug fashion accessories beautifully conceal lymphoedema compression sleeves for the 1 in 5 women who survive breast cancer but have to have their lymph nodes removed and manage the life-long condition.

Shrugs are perfect travel mates – easy to slip on and off, light to carry, and take very little space in the suitcase or backpack.

They keep you warm in air conditioned venues or on cool nights.

Slinky Sleeves’ latest design holds the shrug in place, some have lace finishes, all feature a cuff with covered buttons to adjust the wrist size.

Made mainly from non crush silky, stretch jersey and lace fabrics, plain and patterned shrugs complement your outfit. Sizes: sizes S, M and L.

Slinky Sleeves products are Australian – designed and currently only available on this website.

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