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Slinky Sleeves for all Seasons

Slinky Sleeves for all Seasons

Slinky Sleeves are a good option for an extra bit of warmth in the mild Australian winter.  For places like Perth, Sydney and further north, combined with the common use of air-conditioning in vehicles, homes and buildings, there isn’t much call for heavy coats and thick knitted sleeves.

In fact, anywhere above the 24th Parallel  which bisects the continent is pretty much in summer mode.

Aussies prefer to layer-up and wear vest garments rather than be weighed down, so an extra layer on the arms is a flexible solution.

The 90% cotton, double knit cotton slub, and bamboo cotton sleeves provide warmth and our range of fashion sleeves in jersey, denim fabric, wool fabric, faux and genuine leather provide the style.

Prices include GST and postage within Australia.Winter Sleeves Plaid ShortUV Protection Man SleevesFashion Leather SleevesJersey Fashion Long Sun SleevesAnimal Print Fashion Long Sun Sleeves.

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