Slinky Sleeves now Made in Australia

Slinky Sleeves now Made in Australia

After manufacturing Slinky Sleeves’ easy-to-wear sun protection products in Bali for the last 10 years, it has come home to Western Australia.

Owner Christine Silbert says it is time to become a fully designed and innovated Made in Australia product.

“It costs more to manufacture here, which is why we have hesitated. However, the message of sun damage causing skin cancer and more seriously Melanoma, has been promoted very strongly over the last few years.

Cancer Council, Melanoma WA and the media have highlighted that Melanoma cancer is a killer. People are much more aware now and know they have to cover up.

“I think they will appreciate the value of using locally-made UV 50+ sleeves for driving and outdoor activities, and support Made in Australia products.”

“Our philosophy is Be Armed with Style so it is fitting that we are teaming up with established fashion manufacturer Whitman Clothing.  

Whitman’s is the newly appointed manufacturer for the Australian Cricket Team’s famous baggy green cap so they can’t be more Aussie than that.

The weather is heating up all around Australia and it is time to have your sleeves ready for the glove box plus a spare when they need washing.

Visit Slinky sleeves online store to view the range of sleeves and purchase. Prices include GST and shipping.