Slinky Sleeves Personalised Service

Slinky Sleeves Personalised Service

Slinky Sleeves offers personalised fitting advice via email and mobile to ensure you choose the best fitting for you and are not disappointed when they arrive in the post.

Over the last 10 years, designer and owner, Christine Silbert, says she has learned how very different are each person’s arms.

“Natural body shape, height, length of arms, cultural background, employment activity, sport and hobbies all impact on the measurements of arms.

“Some are almost the same circumference from the wrist to the bicep area, others increase incrementally,” says Christine.

We have variations that are not easy to include in the standard Online Shop shop descriptions so we urge customers to contact us for more information.

“We can send photos and information to help make the best choices. And, we can send you a Paypal invoice which is very easy to pay and provides the opportunity to apply a discount for multiple orders or special situations.”

Comparing colours

Comparing sizes Man Sleeves


The service I received from Christine was incredible.  She took the time to work with me to find the perfect sleeves that were right for me.  She emailed me photos with colours and measurements to ensure the fit of the sleeves was correct.

They arrived in the post today and they are perfect.  I would thoroughly recommend slinky sleeves for both service and quality of the product.  Sue Adams, ACT, Australia, October 2017.