Slinky Sleeves Pop Up Shop

Slinky Sleeves Pop Up Shop

Slinky Sleeves is holding a Pop Up Shop this Sunday 19th November at the Daglish Tennis Club in Hickey Avenue, Daglish (WA) from 9am – 3pm.

It is a great opportunity to come and try on before buying.

We have spiced up the ranges with some new fabrics and colours this summer. We have also extended the sizes – Ultra Slim (XS) in sleeves and XL in shrugs to accommodate larger arms and shoulders.

Sun Sleeves come in sizes, colours, and styles to suit Men (Man sleeves), Women, Girls, and Boys. 

Slinky Sleeves has a wide range of stylish sun protection sleeves, face shades, and shrugs to help prevent new or accumulated sun damage that could affect your health and prematurely age your skin.

Our stylish sun protection products make a caring and different  CHRISTMAS GIFT.  

For more information call Christine Silbert on 0407 479 691 or browse the website:



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