Peach bamboo cotton sun sleeves

Summer Sleeves in Silky Bamboo Cotton

Summer Sleeves in Silky Bamboo Cotton

Slinky Sleeves has added coloured bamboo cotton sun sleeves to the sun sleeve range. Bamboo cotton fabric is a natural cream colour so we have dyed it in attractive soft peach, dusky pink and grey to complement this summer’s colours.  light colours that minimise the chemical additives.

Essentially a natural fibre, the cellulose is extracted from Bamboo leaves and the soft, inner pith of the hard bamboo trunk. The natural processing allows the fibre to remain strong to produce an extremely high quality product that has a silky touch. It is therefore a fabric suited to people with sensitive skins or skin conditions.

While historically used only for structural elements, such as bustles and the ribs of corsets, in recent years a range of technologies have been developed allowing bamboo fibre to be used in a wide range of textile and fashion applications.

Modern bamboo clothing is clothing made from either 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of bamboo and cotton yarn. It can also be blended with other textile fibres such as hemp or even spandex.

Our natural Bamboo cotton and 90 percent cotton fabrics suit the car and outdoor occasions and so you can look good and look after your skin.  Cover up  in the sun this summer.

Perfect travel mates, the sleeves are easy to slip on and off, light to carry, and take very little space in the suitcase or backpack. An affordable wardrobe of Slinky Sleeves will change the look of an outfit and look after you.

Slinky Sleeves designs are Australian created and currently only available on this website. Go to Contact page for information on delivery, terms and conditions.

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