Black driving sleeves & shade

Sun Shades a Face Saver

Sun Shades a Face Saver

Have you had to have skin cancers burned off around the hairline and jaw? It isn’t only arms and tops of hands that suffer from the sun’s damaging rays when driving, your face does too.

Even with tinted windows, the sun penetrates to cause skin damage that could become a serious problem. The UVA rays also dry out the collagen and cause deep lines and wrinkles.

Slinky Sleeves has designed the innovative Slinky Shade, which is easy to slip on to protect either side of the face, depending if you are the driver or passenger.

A hat with a brim is awkward, it not only messes up your hairstyle, but the sun usually comes in at an angle underneath the brim.

Designer Christine Silbert said the idea was to design something that could be worn even when dressed up for an occasion and that didn’t impede the side vision so you can drive safely. It also needed to look attractive and be versatile in and out of the car.

The 90% cotton fabric range currently comes in black, white, tangerine, purple, fuchsia pink, and dark aqua. There is also a range of casual patterned fabrics.

Shades have a narrow elasticised headband, the body is shaped around the face and trimmed with matching or contrasting fabric. The tapers can be loosely tied to hold the Shade in place.

Be well protected during the hot summer months with a Slinky Shade and the matching or complementary Slinky Sleeves, especially with our discount of 25% off the regular price of  sun sleeves and shade, as marked, with free shipping.