Sun Sleeves Arm-our Protects Skin

Sun Sleeves Arm-our Protects Skin

Slinky Sleeves sun sleeves include bamboo cotton and 90% cotton offering top protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

Unlike sunscreen, Slinky sun protection sleeves don’t wash off.

Samples officially tested by ARPANSA Laboratories in Australia are rated UV 50+.

The design, colours and fitting offer style and comfort suitable for driving, walking, attending outdoor events, picnics, parties – even working in the garden.

Slinky Shades for the face, whether the driver or passenger, are an easy way to prevent dangerous sun damage and early ageing signs through degrading of the collagen in skin cells.


You can look good and look after your skin. Be Armed with Style.

Don’t become a melanoma statistic. It is never too early or too late to start protecting your arms and face with Slinky products.

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