Sun sleeves fashion accessory at race track

Sun sleeves fashion accessory at race track 

Spot the difference between Australia’s popular model Jen Hawkins and Slinky Sleeves star model Katie.  Both look fabulous, but Jen is only wearing one sleeve – a good start – while Katie is wearing Slinky sun sleeves protecting both arms.

Fascinators and sleeveless dresses look stunning when cheering trackside as the horses thunder into the straight, especially if you have a win, but they’re not a good bet in the face, arms and hands skin protection stakes.

Make a healthy fashion statement with a wide brim hat and Slinky glamour sun sleeves to complement or match your dress this Racing Season.


Our Arm-our is our fashion A-mour. You will fall in love with our glamour range sun sleeves and feel twice as beautiful knowing you are taking care of your skin. It isn’t until we reach our forties and fifties that we see how much damage the sun does and how ageing it is for our hands and arms.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see media photos of the finalists in the Fashions on the Field competitions showing all entrants wearing Slinky fashion sun sleeves.  Four out of the 8 below is a good start.

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Glamour sun sleeves are very versatile.  You can remove them when out of the sun or use them for warmth in air conditioning and on cooler days, without spoiling the lines of your special outfit.

Black and white is always in fashion and you can see a variety of plain and patterned sleeves in the shop, particularly the rayon, animal prints, and jersey sleeves ranges. Also view the black, white, and black and white Slinky Shrugs. These can be teamed with short sun sleeves.



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