Sun Sleeves New User-Friendly Website

Sun Sleeves New User-Friendly Website

I am very excited that the long awaited new user-friendly Slinky Sleeves website is online at last. It has been a challenging journey, but I hope you find it easy to use and to locate what you are looking for across our range of products.

It provides much more information, options, images and ideas, however your feedback would be appreciated so we can continually improve your shopping experience.

The categories cover sun sleeves, winter sleeves, fashion sleeves, kids sleeves, fairy sleeves with length, size and fabric options. Slinky sleeves designs also offer an exclusive limited edition range of dresses, tops and the new product, shrugs.

The products and fabrics have been developed to provide a dual purpose of looking attractive and providing skin protection and coverup of blemishes or lymphoedema compression sleeves to help everyone to look their alluring best.

Apart from serious health problems sun damage can cause, pretty hands are a great feminine advantage. ¬†They are also a vital clue to a woman’s age, so to prevent sun damage when young is just as important as face skin care creams and treatments.

The special sun sleeves design incorporates a shaped hand cover anchored by a loop over the middle finger to give optimum coverage and protection. Shaping around the palm enables you to carry out normal tasks and be in control of the steering wheel when driving.

Driving is a key time when hands and arms are subject to intense sun’s rays and their damage, but it is also essential to protect them outdoors any time.

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