Sun sleeves in rayon are elegant and valuable sun protection


Sun sleeves in rayon are elegant and valuable sun protection

Did you know Rayon is made from naturally occurring cellulose, has many of the qualities of cotton and is the oldest manufactured fibre? It is a close weave, soft fabric suitable for fashion and driving sun sleeves.

You can be a Fashionista in Slinky sun protection sleeves made in these beautiful fabrics for all types of glamorous occasions – at the race track, on your wedding day, at major social outdoor events and private parties.

You can add your own individual touch with sew – on or iron-on beads, fabric rosettes, feathers and other ornamental creations.

Rayon is regenerated cellulose generally classified as a manufactured fibre. It has been in production since the 1880s in France, where it was initially developed as a cheap alternative to silk. The fabric is strong, extremely absorbent, comes in a variety of qualities and weights, and can be made to resemble natural fabrics. It doesn’t melt, but will burn at high temperatures.  

Choose from long and short rayon fashion sun sleeves in a range of colour and printed options currently in store.

If you are planning for a major event or wedding, we can make a special order given a minimum of  six weeks lead time. Email your enquiry to


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