Sun Sleeves your skin’s friend in the sun

Sun Sleeves your skin’s friend in the sun

… says Julie


I was very pleased to find your web site as there are not many items available that don’t make you look like you’re going swimming. I had a melanoma on my back and thank god it was caught in the very early stages. I spent years in the sun as a child and of course back then no sunscreen meant being burnt on lots of occasions. So now I’m so careful of the sun, as I’m sure after reading your story (it) inspired you too to start your company. Thank you very much, and I’m sure I’ll be ordering more in the future.

As recommended by the Cancer Council Australia our sun sleeve fabrics are close weave to offer protection from the sun’s damaging rays. They anchor to the middle finger with a loop to cover the top of the hand and come in a wide range of popular seasonal colours to appeal to all ages.

The ranges include 90% cotton and bamboo cotton in cream, soft peach, dove grey and dusky pink.  View the sun sleeve ranges in the shop.

Our wide range of fabrics aims to suit all types of outdoor occasions and contemporary fashion to encourage many more adults and children to cover up – in and out of the car.

Perfect travel mates, the sleeves are easy to slip on and off, light to carry, and take very little space in the suitcase or backpack.

Slinky Sleeves designs are Australian created and currently only available on this website. Go to Contact page for information on delivery, terms and conditions.